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About Welland for Welland, Ontario and Area

When you want to know Welland, Ontario

Overview of Welland, Ontario, Canada

The City of Welland is located on the Welland Ship Canal, almost midway between Lakes Ontario and Erie. The city is notable for its large francophone population. Welland is one of few communities in southern Ontario where the percentage of Franco-Ontarians exceeds the overall provincial average.

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  • Population: 47,161 (2003)
  • Population Density:
  • Area: /li>
  • Latitude: 42.993468° N
  • Longitude: 79.24719° E
  • Weather: See forecast
  • Time Zone: Eastern
  • Language: English
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History of Welland, Ontario

The city was first settled in 1788 by the United Empire Loyalists. The Welland Canal is involved in the history of the area ever since the First Welland Canal was extended to reach Lake Erie in 1833. A wooden aqueduct was built to carry the Welland Canal over the Welland River at what is now downtown Welland, and the area became known as simply Aqueduct. The Main Street Bridge carries East Main Street over the Welland Canal. Many residents consider the vertical lift bridge a Welland landmark. Welland gained its present name when it was incorporated on July 25, 1858. It became a city in 1917.

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Welland's Demographics

Welland is the 87th largest city in Canada. In 1914, a local business called Empire Cotton Mills was bought by a Quebec-based company. They brought in twenty French families to work in the mill, giving a start to a francophone community. Welland is one of only three communities in southern Ontario where Franco-Ontarians, as a percentage of the community`s population, exceed the provincial average of 4.8%. (The other two are Penetanguishene and Lakeshore.)

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Welland's Climate

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Education in Welland, Ontario

Like the rest of Ontario, Welland has access to two public education systems: the Niagara Catholic District School Board and the District School Board of Niagara. Thanks to the large population of francophones, both the Conseil scolaire de district du Centre-Sud-Ouest (the French public board) and the Conseil scolaire de district catholique Centre-Sud (the French Catholic board) operate elementary and secondary schools in Welland. There are a total of twenty elementary schools and five secondary schools in Welland. The Niagara College of Applied Arts and Technology brings people from all over southern Ontario to Welland.

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Transportation around Welland, Ontario

The city runs Welland Transit, a public transport service. Welland Transit has 11 routes of scheduled bus services covering the city. There is a Welland-St. Catharines Connection, a link to the St. Catharines public transit system which offers a connection from Welland Transit`s downtown terminal to Brock University terminal in Thorold. For areas that are not serviced by regular buses, Welland Transit runs a service named Trans-Cab that offers taxi connections to the bus routes for a small extra fee.

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Tourism and Attractions of Welland

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Geography of Welland, Ontario

Welland is located in the centre of south Niagara. Currently, there is a slight movement to develop the northern end of the east side, an area formerly left undeveloped. A community named Hunters Pointe is being built close to the banks of the By-Pass, and the area received further investment when a new Wal-Mart store opened on Woodlawn Road near Highway 406. Another interesting man-made geographic feature is the Merritt Island, a strip of land approximately five kms long and, in some places, less than 100 metres wide. The island was created when the alignment of the First Welland Canal was constructed basically parallel to the Welland River

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Welland's Government

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Welland's Economy and Industry

Manufacturing firms were the biggest employers in Welland. Companies like Union Carbide, United Steel, and Plymouth Cordage Company had a big influence on shaping Welland earlier on. Businesses such as John Deere and Lakeside Steel (a pipe plant formerly owned by Stelco) continue to employ a significant amount of residents.Due to a large concentration of francophones in the city and a large degree of bilingualism, the city has several call centres to Welland. Canadian Tire Financial Services is presently Welland`s largest employer, employing over 1,000 people in two centres. Welland`s electricity comes from the Sir Adam Beck hydroelectric generation plants at Niagara Falls via Welland Hydro.

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Welland's Culture and Significant Events

Niagara Food Festival - ‘The Peninsula`s Tastiest Party', takes place on the Merritt Island in Welland's downtown every September and brings crowds from all over. The Niagara Regional Exhibition is held at the Fairgrounds in the north end of the city every fall and the Farmers` Market is held downtown in the Market Square and features up to 60 vendors offering food, produce and homemade items every Saturday morning, year-round.

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Sports in Welland, Ontario

With great golf courses, driving ranges, tennis courts and local hockey, soccer and baseball teams, you'll always have something to do in the area of sports and recreation in Welland.

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Media of Welland

The Welland Tribune, a daily newspaper, keeps residents up to date on local and world news, current events and classified.

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